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Tropical Paradise Team Bingo Winners 10152012

Tropical Paradise Team Bingo Winners

We are excited to announce the top three teams! Friday - Monday, 10/12/2012 - 10/14/2012,  Zynga Bingo ran it's 3rd team bingo event.  We had almost 100 three player teams compete.  The rules were easy, play as a team a*Ind win the most bingos in the Tropical Paradise Room Friday - Sunday.   

All the teams did excellent in the contest.  The first place team scored a combined total of 1,595 Bingos in 72 hours!  This is very impressive and excellent team work - definitely Bingo-rrific!  

1st Place Team (1,595 Bingos). *itchy Witches - Members: Bernice Layton, Melissa Brown, & Teresa Criner.  Each has won 100 Bingo Cash, 75 Tickets & 10Daubsplosion Power-Ups.

2nd Place Team (1,238 Bingos). Bingolicious Witches - Members: Fiona Buchan, Therese Christensen, and Jackie Carter. Each has won 50 Bingo Cash, 50 Tickets & 5 Daubsplosion Power-Ups.

3rd Place Team (532 Bingos). Three Spring Bingo Chixs - Members: Gail Finch, Diana Lowe Flynn, and Susan Costick . Each has won 25 Bingo Cash, 25 Tickets & 3 Daubsplosion Power-Ups.

Let's give a huge congratulations to the top 3 winning teams who won Bingo Cash, Bingo Tickets and Daubsplosion Power-Ups! 


Posted on October 15, 2012

Spooktacular Hallowingo Tournament Room

Spooktacular Hallowingo Tournament Room is here!

During the month of October, celebrate a spook-tacular Halloween as never before. It's all about Hallow-Wins, treats, weekly player contests, and extra fun. 

We received feedback from our players that the Hallowingo room was running a little slow when playing.  We have listened, made improvements and are offering a surprise treat!  The room is now released as a FREE tournament room, so everyone can play.  You do not need to be at a specific level or use your tickets.  Everyone can play 5 FREE rounds each day in the Hallowingo Tournament Room! There is a friend leaderboard that shows how you rank against your friends and you can claim their rewards each day. Just come back the next day, claim your tickets and coin rewards. 

Join everyone in this fun room with spooky sounds, a fun bingo caller that loves to say, "BINGO!" when you hit the bingo button.  We think you will really like him.  This room is where all the haunting ghosts go to play - it's got music and sounds that make you want to BOO-gie! Have fun meeting and playing with players from all over the world.  

There's even new special edition charms for you to build.  Complete them, add to your collection and get coin rewards once they are built!  Enjoy the new room and can't wait to see you in Hallowingo!




Posted on October 12, 2012
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