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New Instant Win Bingo Power-Up!

New Instant Win Bingo Power-Up & DOUBLE Tournament rewards!

InstantwinMany of our players have been asking for an "Instant Win" power-up and we have been working hard to make that happen.  Good news - we are excited to announce that a new Instant Win power-up is now available!  This powerful power-up will place an instant win square on each of your cards. Once you daub that instant win square, it is an automatic Bingo! This will show up in your power-up rotation and is only 3,000 coins to add it to your card.  

Check it out and you'll see the edge you will have on hitting Bingo early to score more rewards!  Get ready be a winner and yell, "Bingo!"

Another surprise for our players - Double Tournament Rewards!

We want to thank our fans for playing Zynga Bingo and are celebrating you by giving out DOUBLE TOURNAMENT REWARDS for a limited time!  

Remember, it's free to play 5 FREE tournament rounds each day.  You will win double coins and tickets, which you can get the following day after the tournament scores have been tallied.  Just log in the next day and your tickets and coins will automatically be credited to your account.  It's that easy.

Thank you to our great community of players for giving us feedback on exciting features that you would like to see in the game.  Thanks for playing with us and have a grand day of Bingo.


Posted on October 18, 2012

Spooktacular Hallowingo Tournament Room

Spooktacular Hallowingo Tournament Room is here!

During the month of October, celebrate a spook-tacular Halloween as never before. It's all about Hallow-Wins, treats, weekly player contests, and extra fun. 

We received feedback from our players that the Hallowingo room was running a little slow when playing.  We have listened, made improvements and are offering a surprise treat!  The room is now released as a FREE tournament room, so everyone can play.  You do not need to be at a specific level or use your tickets.  Everyone can play 5 FREE rounds each day in the Hallowingo Tournament Room! There is a friend leaderboard that shows how you rank against your friends and you can claim their rewards each day. Just come back the next day, claim your tickets and coin rewards. 

Join everyone in this fun room with spooky sounds, a fun bingo caller that loves to say, "BINGO!" when you hit the bingo button.  We think you will really like him.  This room is where all the haunting ghosts go to play - it's got music and sounds that make you want to BOO-gie! Have fun meeting and playing with players from all over the world.  

There's even new special edition charms for you to build.  Complete them, add to your collection and get coin rewards once they are built!  Enjoy the new room and can't wait to see you in Hallowingo!




Posted on October 12, 2012